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Thought for the Day:
When you face the sun the shadows always fall behind you.
Helen Keller

May 19-23, 2008

We would like to close the school year out with cooperation and fun with your children. We are going to have Field Day on Tues and an International Foods Day next Thurs. We will be eating with our team on Thurs with a catered meal and a movie. We need your help by sending in $5.00 to help with the food cost. We realize that we have asked for book fines, field day T-shirt money, etc. but our pockets are empty too. Remember the International Foods Day will be for your child’s lunch so that expense would be incurred anyway. Please help us make this a fun, cooperative week for everyone. Discuss your child’s behavior with them and your expectations of them. We have also done that, but as they get older, more will be expected from them. With additional responsiblility comes more freedom- which they all want. We want everyone to have a Great Summer!


Monday:T.L.W. take final test in SPI booklet.
Tuesday:T.L.W. participate in Field Day and complete a teacher-made worksheet on graphing a dinasour.
Wednesday:T.L.W. go to the computer lab for Math Games at Cool Math.com.
Thursday:T.L.W. complete a Teacher-Made worksheet- a spreadsheet on logical reasoning, and participate in International Foods Day.
Friday:T.L.W. complete a Teacher-made worksheet on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of decimals and math terms.

Monday: T.L.W. work on the countries of South Africa Chapt. 26. p. 540-547. Complete Section #1 and #2 Review (1-5)
Tuesday: T.L.W. work on South Africa Today p. 548-555. Complete Sections #3 and #4 Review (1-5).
Wednesday: T.L.W. complete Chapt. 26 Review p.556. Vocabulary, Critical Thinking, and Reviewing the main ideas. Draw the map p. 557 and label A-H. WRITE A BRIEF ESSAY IN WHICH YOU COMPARE BOTSWANA AND MOZAMBIQUE. DISCUSS PHYSICAL FEATURES, ECONOMIES, AND MAJOR INDUSTRIES OF EACH.
Thursday: T.L.W. enjoy a movie for International Foods Day.
Friday: T.L.W. complete map Activity on Chapt. 26.


“Better health is an individual responsibility and an important national goal.” President George W. Bush

As the school year winds down remember that all textbooks will be fined this week. Make sure your child has all of his books in hand and is cleaning up any stray marks each night. Fines must be paid by Fri. May 16th in order to take part in Field Day.
Also, Field Day T- shirts should be coming in next week. Your child should take them home and wear them on the day they compete with other homerooms in the Field Day Events.
Please return ASAP the forms that were sent home to select MAPS schedule for next year. Mr. Tuck needs those forms signed by each parent for each student and also the intent -to- return – to G.M.S. forms. Remember all Library Fines or Lunch Charges need to be paid up by Fri. May 16th. THE LAST DAY FOR LIBRARY CLASSES IS TUESDAY, MAY 13, 2008. Have all library books in by this Fri. May 9th or even sooner.

Notice: Lessons may vary due to last minute interruptions such as Career Day and Field Day over the next two weeks. Please keep up with all assignments as there is little time for make- up work.

May 12-16, 2008 runawaymath.jpg

Monday: T.L.W. visit the computer lab to practice skills learned as SPI’s. Website: coolmath.com.
Tuesday: T.L.W. work with Linear Equations p. 180 (8-28). You will need graph paper.  Homework p. 573 Lesson 4-6 (1-17).
Wednesday: T.L.W. multiply with exponents. Teacher -made worksheet.
Thursday: T.L.W. have a final make-up day. Bring some art supplies if you do not have any make up work. You will be graphing a dinasaour.
Friday: T.L.W. SPI. practice test.

Monday: T.L.W. begin Chapt. 24 East Africa. Read and discuss sections 1 and 2. Complete section 1 and 2 review (1-5).
Tuesday: T.L.W. continue with Chapt. 24. Read and discuss sections 3 and 4. Complete section 3 and 4 reviews (1-5).
Wednesday: TL.W. have a final make-up day. Bring your maps activity workbook in case you owe me any map work.
Thursday: T.L.W view a film on Africa.
Friday: T.L.W. continue with Chapt. 24 Review from textbook.

Thought for the Day:
“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”
~Thomas Edison

May 5-9, 2008

Monday:T.L.W. continue with graphing. Bring Graph Paper to class. Standardized Practice #3 p/ 146-147 (1-20). Transparency for homework. Copy problems and complete with check.

Tuesday:T.L.W. Review Practice Test #3. p. 26-37.

Wednesday:T.L.W review and graph Inequalities.

Thursday:T.L.W. subtract integers

Friday:T.L.W. change fractions to decimals without a calcultor.


Monday: T.L.W. continue with Chapt. 23 Sections 3 and 4. Complete sections 3 and 4 Reviews (1-5) from text.

Tuesday: T.L.W.complete worksheet 23-3 and 23-4.

Wednesday: T.L.W. complete Chapt. 23 tutorial to study with for test on Fri.

Thursday: T.L.W. complete Chapt. 23 Review. Vocabulary, Main Ideas, and Critical Thinking.

Friday; T.L.W. complete Chapt. 23 Test on West Africa.  Use Junior Scholastic Magazines.

Note : Friday is Career Day.  Lessons are subject to change depending on the time of the speakers.

Announcement:  Field Day t-shirt money due today -last day!


Thought for the Day:
The future depends on what we do in the present.” Reminder:Grades too!

April 28-May 3, 2008spring_clipart_tulip.gif

Monday: T.L.W. review Chapt. 22 for the test tomorrow. Complete worksheets 22-3 &4.
Have poster project of the country of Africa that is the most important to you. Posters should be colorful. You should have a map with the capital identified, interesting facts about your country, and the flag on the poster. Graphs would also make the country interesting- showing population , or GDP.

Tuesday: T.L.W. complete Chapt.22 Test. Begin Chapt. 23 on West Aftica p. 490-493 and section #1 (1-5). Bring Map workbook to class to complete the worksheet on 22 and 23.

Wednesday: T.L.W. study and take notes on the History and Culture of West Africa. p. 494-498 Section #2 Review (1-5) p. 498.

Thursday: T.L.W. study the Sahel Countries of West Africa p. 499-501 (1-5) Section #3 Review. What are Mauritania, Mali and Niger like today?
What challenges do Chad and Burkina Faso face?
Draw the chart p. 501 of the Major Religions of the Sahel Countries .

Friday: T.L.W. read and discuss the Coastal Countries p. 502-505 (1-5) Section #4 Review. Homework chapt. 23 Review p. 506 .Vocabulary, Main Ideas, and Thinking Critically. Draw the Map p. 507 and label A-J.

April 28-May 3, 2008runawaymath.jpg

Monday: T.L.W. check p.556 (1-28) Band members. Continue with rounding Decimals p. 557 (1-38)

Tuesday: T.L.W. Complete worksheets provided on Skills of Greater Than, Less Than and ordering decimals.

Wednesday: T.L.W. add and subtract decimals without calculators. p. 559 (1-42).

Thursdday: T.L.W. multiply decimals moving the decimal point as needed. Without calculators.

Friday: T.L.W. divide decimals moving the decimal point as needed. Without calculators.


Interim reports will go home next WED.  The parents in charge of Field Day have requested that each student bring in $10.00 to buy a field day T-shirt and for pizza, drinks, and a desert for May 20 when we will have field day and a picnic.  Your child was given a form today (Thurs. April 18) to get filled out for the size of the T-shirt.  Please return it with the cash money by Fri.  Thanks!  blueawardribbonsmall.gif

Thought for the Day:
You must do things you think you cannot do.
—Eleanor Roosevelt

April 21-25, 2008 smiles_1.gif

Monday:T.L.W. continue with the study of Eastern Mediterrranean with worksheets on each section completed and Chapt. Tutorial.

Tuesday:T.L.W. begin the study of North Africa Section 1 Chapt.22 o, 456-462. Map study. Bring workbook to class to complete Map Activity #22. This will be a grade.

Wednesday:T.L.w. read and discuss p. 471-474 Section 1 Review p. 474 (1-5). Draw the map on p. 489 and lable parts A-J. Worksheet provided for Homework.

Thursday:T.L.W. read and discuss p. 375-479 Section #2 of Chapt. 22 History and Culture. Worksheet provided for homework.

Friday:T.L.W. read and discuss p. 482-487 Sections #3 and 4. Complete Section 3 and 4 Section review p. 484 and 487 (1-5). Complete worksheets for Homework. Test Chapt. 22 on Monday.

Math bookworm.jpeg

Monday: T.L.W. complete Mid Chapt 9 Test p. 384 and Standardized Test Practice Pages 406-407. (1-18).

Tuesday: T.L.W. complete lesson 12-6 precision and Measurement p. 542-545.

Wednesday: T.L.W. complete Study Guide and Review p. 546-548

Thursday: TL.W. complete Practice Test p. 549- 551.

Friday: T.L.W. Complete worksheet 12-6 Precision and Measurement. This will be a grade.

Thought for the Day:
Tell me and I forget; show me and I remember; involve me and I understand.

Areas of Revlew for week of TCAPcomputer_surfing_md_clr.gif

1. Slope

2. < ,> ,=

3. scale drawings

4. Properties

5. probability

6. Box- whisker- plots

7. Unit Conversions

8. Fractions to Decimals

9. Combinations/Permutations

10. Additon, Multip. and Div. of Fractions

11. Central Tendencies

12. Transitions, Translations

13. Stem-Leaf Plots

14. Opposites on a Number LIne

April 14-18, 2008

Monday:T.L.W. REVIEW TCAP SKILL Listed above by working various problems.

Tuesday:T.L.W. take TCAP Language class.

Wednesday:T.L.W. take TCAP Math Test

Thursday:T.L.W.continue with the study of Chapt. 12. Lesson 12-5

Friday: T.L.W. complete Chapt. 12 Test form the text book.

April 14-18, 20081student7-thumb.jpg

Monday: T.L. W. continue with Chapt. 29 Southeast Asia. Section #3 p. 624-626.

Tuesday: T.L.W. continue with Chapt. 29 Southeast Asia. Section #4 p. 627-631

Wednesday:T.L.W. complete Chapt. 29 Review p. 634-635.

Thursday: T.L.W. focus maps of South Asia p. 642-647. Answer all questions.

Friday: T.L.W. read Indonesia’s threatened Environent p. 636-637 and Building Skills for Life Interpreting Cultural Landscapes p. 638.

Thought for the Day:
Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.
—Nelson Mandela
April 7-11, 2008 bball.gif Go Tigers Go! National Championship

Monday: T.L.W.- work on Chapt. 8 Study Guide and Review p. 362-364 (11-47) 7.5 tpi.2.

Tuesday: T.L.W. complete Chapt. 8 Test. Check Study Guide 8 and Review.

Wednesday: T.L.W. find the Surface Area of Rectangular Prisms. p. 532-535 (7-24). 7.4 tpi.5

Thursday: T.L.W. find the Surface Area of Cylinders p. 538-541 (6-31). 7.4 tpi.5

Friday: T.L.W. complete The Study Guide and Reveiw for Chapt. 12 p. 546-548 (9-28).

April 7-11, 2008 usaflagcountry.jpg

Monday: T.L.W. Begin the Study of Chapt. 28. Read and discuss p. 594-598 (1-5). Homework Chapt. 28 Map Activity p. 615 Draw and Label Japan and N. and S. Korea.  Also turn in Section 1& 2 Review (1-5). Bring Map Activity workbook to class tomorrow.

Tuesday: T.L.W. work in Coach Social Studies Practice Books. Geography p 73-91.

Wednesday: T.L.W. read and discuss the History and culture of Japan Section #2 Chapt. 28. p.599- 601. Section #2 Review p. 601 (1-5).

Thursday: T.L.W. read and discuss Japan Today p. 602-606 . Complete Section #3 Review p, 606 -609 (1-5). Tennessee Geography p. 92-95. Coach Books

Friday: T,L.W. read and discuss South and North Korea Today p. 610-613 Section #5 (1-5). Homework: Chapt. 28 Review p. 614. Building Vocab. Reviewing the Main Ideas, Thinking Critically (1-5). Human Migration p. 100-114 Coach Books

Intelligence Quiz



March 31- April 4, 2008bookworm.jpeg

Monday: T.L.W. complete Practice TCAP test workbook p. 13-25. 7.2 tpi.2

Tuesday: T.L.W. work with % of change. p. 350-353. 7.2 tpi.2

Wednesday: T.L.W. solve problems involving sales tax and discount. p. 354-357. 7.2 tpi.2

Thursday: T.L.W. complete worksheets 8-4 and 8-5. 7.2 tpi.7

Friday: T.L.W. work with problems involving simple interest. Lesson 8-6 p. 358-360. 7.2 tpi.7

Note: We will be reviewing for TCAP daily.  Please check out the new math website -NEW ONLINE MATH BOOK CODE:

Find it -  http://tn.msmath1.net
Passcode:   FE281D6F76

This is great for online review. It will grade your work instantly.  Make a copy of your work and bring it to class for extra credit.


March 31- April 4, 2008smiles_1.gif

Monday: T.L.W. complete Chapt. 27 Review p. 592 Building Vocabulary (1-11), Reviewing the Main Ideas (1-5), Thinking Criticallyy p. 592 (1-5)

Tuesday: T.L.W. complete Chapt. 27 Test. Read and discuss p. 594-598 (1-5). Homework Chapt. 28 Map Activity worksheet.

Wednesday: T.L.W. read and discuss the History and culture of Japan Section #2 Chapt. 28. p.599- 601. Section #2 Review p. 601 (1-5).

Thursday: T.L.W. read and discuss Japan Today p. 602-606 . Complete Section #3 Review p, 606 -609 (1-5).

Friday: T,L.W. read and discuss South and North Korea Today p. 610-613 Section #5 (1-5). Homework: Chapt. 28 Review p. 614. Building Vocab. Reviewing the Main Ideas, Thinking Critically (1-5).

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